Buying a refurbished phone — The smart and ecological choice!

Buying a refurbished phone — The smart and ecological choice! eMobile

Living in a modern, progressively growing society (currently our population is at 7.8 billion), means that we produce waste at an exponential rate. Even though we currently have options to recycle many products and a lot of packaging, and even as our technological advancement seems to have no end, we as a global society are failing our planet when it comes to managing waste production and how we treat the environment. We tend to think of other countries as the culprits, but, in fact, Canada is one of the worst offenders. We are the eighth most waste-producing country among the member states of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

What does that have to do with refurbished smartphones and how can a single person have any impact?

We tend to overlook how our technology is made and what impact it has on the environment. It is easy to be disconnected, since we are able to go to a local mobile carrier or flagship store and buy a neatly packaged smartphone and equate that experience as the full transaction. The real story of what the true cost of technology to our planet is, is not a pretty one; but we will not dive into that topic here. You may also believe that this is just how it is; that the large manufacturers recycle their products, that they care about the environment and that a natural balance exists. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. eMobile has reported on this topic before and as logical as recycling and refurbishing by the companies that make the product would be, it is in fact under-utilized and forgotten. The true responsibility of any corporation is solely to their shareholders.

There is good news! The most effective tool consumers have to affect change is to let their purchases speak for themselves. By changing buying habits, we all have the power to affect the market. A great option is by shopping for products that are more environmentally conscious and by supporting companies that are creating solutions to the above named ecological problems. eMobile is on a mission to provide a valuable service to our customers, as well as to make a positive impact on our environment while also slowing down the global carbon footprint.

How do we achieve that?

  1. eMobile buys valuable used smartphones from individuals and companies, therefore saving them from being thrown away or destroyed.
  2. By selling the refurbished phones (once they pass our 35-point inspection) we introduce already produced and still functioning smartphones back into the economy and decrease the need for new phones.
  3. If the phones fail our inspection and if the client wants to safely recycle them, then we:
    a.) Ensure that all data is wiped according to our professional process. [link to past blog]
    b.) Harvest the phones for parts ourselves and use them in our repair process.
    c.)Oversee the recycling process locally. We do not ship the phones to developing countries where the recycling industry can take a catastrophic toll on the environment and local population
  4. We plant a tree in your name! For every phone sold, we plant a tree. We have partnered up with OneTreePlanted and are committed to further fostering that relationship and potentially increasing our contribution.

In summary, let your dollars and actions speak for themselves and don’t get tricked into the #FOMO -inducing advertising that tries to convince you that you need ‘that’ brand new phone of the moment. Evaluate your needs and buy a refurbished smartphone from eMobile so that you can:
1. Save money $$$
2. Lower your monthly carrier cost
3. Protect and preserve the environment & lower your carbon footprint, and
4. Plant a tree.
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PS: Keep a lookout on our site as we will soon implement a tracker of how many trees we have planted and how we reduce our carbon footprint. Don’t forget that individual consumers can affect the market with just their own buying habits!




We’ve got a great selection of certified pre-owned devices at eMobile. Come check us out at By buying used from us, you are not only saving money, but you are lowering your carbon footprint and you are planting a tree with each purchased phone. Find out more about our ethical and ecological approach.