Buying or Selling Used Phones? Look to your Community

The used phone market can be confusing. How do you buy/sell effectively, and how do you spread the word? Can you trust the person on the other end? It's all so much work, maybe it’s better to forget the hassle and pay full price (and then some) for a new phone. And as for your old phone, maybe just throw it in a drawer and let it collect dust?

There are many ways you can get to know who is looking to get rid of their old phone or who is looking to buy a new one. The key is your community, your network. Not just online but in person too. Family, friends, coworkers. The people you interact with daily, even once in-a-while.

To be successful, you want to be that person who makes the connections. Who gets to know who needs what and who has what. No, you don’t need to become a gossiping busybody. You just need to spread the word and most importantly, be there to help.

Here are some simple steps you can take:

Step 1: Let people know you’re in the market as a buyer or seller

On social media, let your friends know that you are looking to buy or sell a phone. Spread the word by making a public post or sending a direct message. On top of that, ask people to spread the word for you. “I’m looking for a used iPhone X, know anyone who’s looking to sell?” or “I have an old Samsung Galaxy S9, know anyone who would be interested in buying it?”

However-you draft your communication, make sure to spread the word!

Step 2: Don’t be shy, ask directly

When selling a phone, you can always ask people you know who have older phones if they would be interested in buying. The best opportunities include situations involving a recently lost/broken device, a poor battery, or a buddy complaining about the lack luster quality of their current device. Don’t be shy, the worst they can say is no.

Looking to buy a phone, think about who you know that has a phone you like. This is an opportunity to ask if they are looking to sell. If not now, how about sometime in the future? This works especially well if you have a friend who just upgraded. It’s easy enough to ask them, “hey, what are you planning on doing with your old device?” Much of the time, your friend or family member won’t have a plan, or maybe they default to keeping it as a back-up. Usually, cash in hand is better than hanging onto a smart phone paper weight! On you’re end, you get the benefit of sourcing a reliable device from someone you trust.

If you can get over the little awkwardness of asking around, you might find yourself an amazing deal!

Step 3: Help others buy and sell

Soo, this one extends beyond buying/selling used devices, you can file it under general life skills.

Here’s a scenario. You have a parent or grandparent who just got a new phone. You know a friend who desperately needs a phone, be the match maker who connects them! Help your friends and family get connected when you recognize converging needs. This goes well beyond cell phones, it can involve a job, a business connection, or any used item someone might be looking to buy/sell. By connecting friends and family during opportune moments, you can help them realize amazing benefits! It feels great to give back by helping your friends network and, as an added benefit, you become a trusted person in future interactions (i.e. future connections including used cell phones). This can open you up to a lot of opportunities that stretch well beyond used cell phones. But the key here is, offer value to others first.

Buying or selling a used phone can be frustrating, but a little bit of work will go a long way. Be the person people can trust, and you’ll find offers will start coming to you.

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