Certified Pre-owned phones - Who are they for and why is it a smart option?

Certified Pre-owned phones — Who are they for and why is it a smart option? eMobile

If you are like most consumers, you may be wary of seeing certified, pre-owned tech items for sale. Among other consumer products, we have accepted that used cars can be reliably bought and are often certified by dealers, but when it comes to modern technology, we feel unsure about what we are actually getting. Let us explore why that is and then delve into two groups that would benefit the most from buying certified pre-owned.

‘I am too poor to buy cheap things’, used to be a saying that backed up the choice to buy quality, often more expensive, items that will last, rather than buying a cheap item many times over. That saying is now antiquated, as the products we have access to are no longer tied to the equation that paying more for something equals better quality and longevity. We are living during a time when a cheap tech item is manufactured in the same factory as an expensively branded item; and the price difference can oftentimes be drastic. At the same time, brands that were typically associated with longevity and quality are now also creating items targeted towards entry level pricing and therefore lower quality standards. It is all blending together, and discerning quality from price is becoming an impossible task.

Rather than going down the path of analyzing clothing, fashion, or cars, let’s talk about cellphones. When the first mainstream cell phones came out, the dominant brand was NOKIA. They were widely considered indestructible and reliable. But since mainstream mobile phones were so new to the market, the consumer did not have a lot of choices and also did not know what they truly valued in a cellphone, not to mention the unknown fact that smartphones would fast become a necessary staple in everyday life.

Fast forward to today; smartphones are now an extension of our hands and are often used as fashion statements. Though there are many brands, the top 3 primarily influence which way the market goes. Top brands Apple, Samsung and Google are typically the most expensive phones on the market, and considered to be the best quality (although occasionally disputed). There are many other brands that make smartphones fit to compete, but are not considered as ‘desirable’. eMobile firmly believes that this is a personal choice, one that has to make sense for you and your budget, not taking into account what other people may think.

What makes consumers a little hesitant to buy used technology, is the fact that typically the items are small, modern, intricate and cannot be easily fixed by the user. Smartphones also contain our personal data and we are not always sure if that is fully erased. Plus we do not always trust that other people are as careful with their devices as we are. That distrust is what typically makes us take out the credit card and buy something we may not need, but that makes us feel more safe in our decision making. The moment you see your credit card bill following that hefty transaction: instant buyers remorse.

What makes cellphones certified pre-owned?

Pre-owned is another term for items that are used and in acceptable condition. To be certified, testing is involved. eMobile completes a 35-point inspection process to make sure the phones we sell are in great condition! We indicate by means of status what condition every phone falls under, and we provide a 30-day warranty.

Are used phones well priced?

Yes, Yes, Yes! New smartphones are getting increasingly more expensive every year. Similar to cars, the moment you leave the store, your phone has dropped over 30% in value. Depending on the type of phone, the model and status, you are looking at extreme savings when purchasing a pre-owned device.

What are the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned smartphone?

It is in the name. You are buying from a company, and not from an individual, which carries a lot more liability. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it. That is not the case with buying over Craigslist or Kijiji. Read more here.

Who can benefit from buying certified pre-owned smartphones?

There are many benefits we have written about before, but here we will focus on a two key groups:


If you have children, you know that having nice things goes out of the window for the first few years. When it comes to technology, applying the same principles as buying the first car is a good approach. You want something safe, but not too expensive, as you expect a few dents and cracks along the way. Buying certified pre-owned gets you that.

→ You can buy an older phone that is still relevant, has been tested and does not break the bank. At the end of your journey together, you can sell it back to us, even if it is broken.

→ You are saving on your monthly plan and do not have to be locked in to an agreement. By doing this, you can always have full control over your bill and over what your phone is being used for.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur, fresh start-up or a small business, you are trying to conserve or minimize costs wherever you can while concentrating on growing your company. Just like us, you know that small charges add up relatively quickly.

  • By buying a cellphone outright, you can save money on your monthly plan, since you have purchased your own device.


If you do not need the shiniest or newest tech, or are simply trying to get by on a budget, then you truly need to consider buying a certified used smartphone, whether for yourself, your family or your small business.

We’ve got a great selection of certified pre-owned devices at eMobile. Come check us out at www.emobilehub.com. By buying used from us, you are not only saving money, but you are lowering your carbon footprint and you are planting a tree with each purchased phone. Find out more about our ethical and ecological approach.