The Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Smartphone

Are you on the fence about buying a pre-owned mobile device? Here are the top three reasons to go for it:

1. Lower Smartphone Cost

Nowadays the latest premium smartphone can cost you more than a cheap used car. Of course, you will be getting all the newest bells and whistles and you will be able to brag about it for a couple of months (until the next one comes out). However, if you can live with tech from a couple of years ago, you will get more phone for your dollar. You can easily shave off half of the retail price on a device if you are willing to go this route.

What about the quality of the used device? Sure, that used smartphone on craigslist might be a steal, but how can you be sure it won’t fall apart in a few weeks? The answer is to look for certified pre-owned devices. Generally, this means that the seller has inspected the device for functionality against a standard test and can tell you if there is anything wrong with it. Make sure that the test they are doing is comprehensive and includes inspection points that are important to you.

At eMobile, not only can you score a smartphone for up to 70% off the retail price, you can also depend on getting a high quality certified pre-owned device. We only grant eMobile Certified status to devices that pass our 35-point inspection. Click here for a full list of all inspection points.   

2. Long Term Phone Plan Savings

Subscribing to a phone plan when you bring your own device can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. When phone carriers offer you a “$0” device with a 2-year plan, that device is not really free – the cost is factored into the monthly phone plan fee. When you bring your own device, you don’t have to amortize the cost of the phone, therefore reducing your monthly expenses significantly. Furthermore, if you choose to bail out of that 2-year contract part way through, you will need to pay back the remaining balance of your phone before you can leave.

If you find yourself considering getting a “$0” Samsung S9 from Virgin Mobile, your monthly phone bill will be $115 vs $75 for the same service if you bring your own phone [1]. Over the course of your 2-year contract, you will be paying around $960 dollars for that device! If you can manage to score a similar device for much cheaper, you will save money in the long run. eMobile offers a broad range of premium smartphones at competitive prices so you can do just that.

3. Environmental Benefits

Despite their unassuming small size, smartphones have a surprisingly large negative impact on the environment. This can be primarily attributed to the high emissions produced in the mining of precious metals required for the electronic components within the device. This, combined with the trend for users to replace their smartphones with new ones every year or two makes smartphone tech a serious offender in the realm of green house gas emissions.

A recent study by researchers at McMaster University shed some light on the carbon footprint of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry – that is, the industry revolving around smartphones, laptops, PCs and Servers. The study indicates that by 2040, carbon emissions resulting from the ICT industry could account for as much as 14 per cent, which is approximately where the transportation industry is right now [2].

By choosing a pre-owned device, you are preventing emissions associated with mining and production of a brand new device. Go green with a pre-owned device from eMobile. We’ll even take it one step further and plant a tree for you through our partnership with