Overrated Things You Don’t Need in a Mobile Phone

Want to get a great price on a phone? Then it helps to know which add-ons are necessary and which you can skip. Think about how you buy a new car. Do you need that sun-roof? Rain detecting windshield wipers? Luxury audio system, really?

Companies will hype up their phones with new features. This can get confusing and make it hard to know if a phone is right for you. On top of that, some new features are just gimmicks that you’ll use once or twice or never. Cut through the marketing and you’ll have a much better idea of what you're really buying.

Here are some overrated phone features that you probably don’t need:

Wireless Charging

Sure sounds fancy but do you really need it? Most phones with wireless charging don’t even include the wireless charger! A wireless charger can cost $20 and up. It's not like we can't get by without these flashy devices. Seriously, what do you think people did before wireless chargers were-invented. On a side note, wireless chargers aren't even new tech anymore. You might think wireless charging pads are a few years old. But in reality, the earliest model came on to the market way back in 2011, that’s nine years ago [1]! The fact that they never caught on in a big way should tell you something about how important they really are. So, maybe just use a cord instead.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is really a one-trick pony. It unlocks your phone. That’s basically it. Other features and uses might emerge in the future, but until then.. Facial recognition is basically just a great way to market a mobile phone and make it look innovative. Outside of this, its use is limited and non-essential.

Front-Facing Flash

You don’t need front-facing flash to take a great selfie. They can make your pictures overexposed and out of focus [2]. Give it some time and if it's really worth it, it’ll probably become a standard feature.

Lots of Ram

RAM (random access memory) is a major factor in your phone’s speed. But it’s not the only factor and it might not make a noticeable difference [2]. Some phones have 8GB or 10GB of RAM. This makes it sound like the phone will be a lot faster but in reality it will typically make little difference.

Camera Gimmicks (slow motion video/Animoji)

New camera features always make headlines. But they are often just gimmicks that have limited everyday use. How often will you use slow motion video? Animoji? Instead you may want to look for a quality camera that takes great pictures and video. Skip the gimmicks.

When you’re in the market for a new phone, look at the essentials. Getting drowned out by gimmicks that you won’t use will make it harder for you to decide on what phone is best. And it could make you miss out on a great deal that’s right in front of you.

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