The Life of the Female Smartphone User

The Life of the Female Smartphone User. Certified Pre-Owned by eMobile


While men are generally known to be more gadget-oriented and open to trying out and using new technology, surprising new research has put women at the forefront of integrating their mobile phones into their everyday life.

Recent studies are showing that women’s relationships with their smartphones are less ‘practical communication tool’, and more ‘long-term love affair’.

Here are a few interesting (and surprising) ways women incorporate smartphones into their daily routines:

1. First Thing’s First

We’re probably all familiar with the famous romance quote, “I want to be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning”. For many women, however, smartphones have completely taken over this phrase. An estimated 66% of women say that their smartphones are the very first thing they check within the first 5 minutes after waking, and a further 81% of women say they sleep with their smartphones within arm’s reach at night.

2. Personal Assistant

From alarm clock to weatherman, navigator to news source; banker, and not to mention life calendar, women depend more on their smartphones than ever before; tracking daily chores and appointments, finances, knowing how to dress for the day’s events as well as how to get there, and generally keeping ahead of breaking news stories. Whereas a few years ago, more women were depending on multiple tools and devices for all of their daily needs, many more women today are keeping everything together and running smoothly from one or two smartphones, usually with just a glance and a couple of clicks.

3. Shopping Companion

It is no secret that women, in general, enjoy shopping more than their male counterparts. Unlike the typical man’s ‘get in, get-out’ mode, women employ a more strategic shopping strategy. They actively utilize online coupons and promotions in-store and online, and seek out advice from family and friends before making a purchasing decision. It’s a common activity for women to actively discuss the products and services they purchase, and it comes as no surprise that this has transitioned over the years to online social media. With Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat reporting higher rates of female users to males (Twitter is currently neck-and-neck), female online shoppers, especially millennials, are making use of a much higher purchasing power than ever held before.

4. Pocket Doctor

We have never lived in a time of more readily available information than today — and women are capitalizing on this to serve in the best interests of their health and wellbeing. Instead of paying a visit to the doctor’s office for every ache and ailment, as our parents and grandparents might have done 20 years ago or more, a quick search on the web can provide a plethora of reliable medical journals with sage advice around how best to identify, stabilize and even cure non-life threatening conditions, digestive issues or minor annoyances such as cold sores or blisters. Many women also make use of certain apps that make tracking menstrual cycles a breeze and can even pinpoint the best times in which to try for (or avoid) pregnancy.

5. Private Chef

With ever increasing access to an online global community, we are afforded the ability to glimpse into different cultures and traditions that we may not have found so easy to do before. That being said, no one quite masters the skills of fearlessly venturing into new cooking journeys like millennial woman do. With their can-do attitudes, over 59% of women aged between 25–34 rely on their smartphones or tablets to decide what foods to make and to learn how to prepare it. Cooking has not become a chore so much as an opportunity to create an interesting new experience — preferably one that can be posted on Instagram!

6. Fitness Instructor

With topics such as physical health and mental hygiene on the rise, many women are turning to their smartphones to help with planning and tracking fitness goals, measuring calorie intake and finding creative new workout regimes. Many apps and online platforms offer a plethora of workout classes, both free and paid, that can be done in the comfort of one’s own living room. Women are also afforded an opportunity to connect with other like-minded fitness warriors to share their progress and celebrate results.

In short, this list really only covers the tip of the iceberg. With the advent of new technology, apps and reduced data costs, we can expect to see even more rapid changes in the way in which we use our smartphones to live, work and play.

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