About Us

Connecting good value with good values

eMobile is a Canadian company dedicated to providing high quality pre-owned mobile devices at excellent value as well as providing buyback services to consumers and businesses. Environmental sustainability is part of our mission and we are proud to offer high quality services and products while reducing the impact we have on our surroundings.
We are a group of seasoned professionals, leaders and industry experts who are committed to creating a Canadian buying habit revolution while running an ethical company.

MEET the Emobile team

John Cooper

CEO & Co-Founder of eMobile

John is Chief Executive Officer at eMobile. An experienced entrepreneur and sales executive, John holds pivotal experience in the mobile buyback industry. His highly successful sales background and passion for connecting customers and partners with the best possible value is paired with consistently providing authentic, high-quality service. John’s career history also includes working as a professional researcher and business strategist.

Chris Sandl

CTO & Co-Founder of eMobile

Chris has an engineering background and is  dedicated to ensuring quality in the devices we sell. Chris drives the solutions portfolio at eMobile and ensures technological excellence; responsible for defining eMobile’s long-term technology strategy and vision. He also leads the organization’s continuously evolving sustainability program and is currently pioneering an ongoing series of technology innovation initiatives. 

Sasha Kevac

CMO & Co-Founder of eMobile

A driven sales and marketing leader, Sasha’s thirst to continuously learn within the tech sector has spurred him to delving into the mobile buyback industry. With over a decade of business development and strategy experience, Sasha’s marketing expertise with developing brand identities, leading teams and establishing strategic partnerships equips him with the competitive edge required to lead eMobile’s national marketing and sales efforts.