Why Choose eMobile?

Whether you're buying or selling a pre-owned mobile device, we strive to make your experience excellent. 

Considering Buying a Pre-Owned Device?

More Phone for Less Money

Choose from our selection of premium pre-owned devices and save up to 70% off of original retail cost.  

Cut Phone Plan Costs

By choosing to bring a pre-owned phone into a carrier plan, you can reduce your monthly plan expenses up to 35% because you will not be amortizing the cost of a brand new device.  

Quality Pre-Owned Devices, Certified

The product you purchase must pass a rigorous 35-point inspection to become eMobile Certified. This inspection process checks for phone functionality, exterior appearance, screen glass and LCD integrity, button function, battery health and more so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible pre-owned device.

Service You Can Rely On

We are Canadian professionals who genuinely care about our customers and the products we sell. To make sure you get the best experience, we offer free shipping Canada-wide and a 30-day return policy

The Earth-Friendly Option

Mobile devices, though small, have a large environmental impact. Did you know that the manufacture of smartphones requires the mining of ten times more precious metals than the average laptop or PC? By reintroducing certified pre-owned devices into the marketplace, we can partner with you to diminish the environmental impact of new product manufacture.

To put our money where our mouth is, we have partnered with onetreeplanted.org to plant one tree for every mobile device we sell. 

Considering Selling Your Old Device?

Convenient and Transparent

Should you choose to sell us your old device, we will guide you through the buyback process and update you at every stage. We will even provide you with a free shipping label for you to send the device to us. 

Get Paid More

Get up to 50% more than a carrier trade-in program when you sell your old device to eMobile. A carrier trade-in program may only offer you in-store credit, while we will send you money via an e-Transfer or Paypal with no strings attached.